Lie, Deception Detection & Investigative interviewing

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Do you want to know or do you need to know
if someone is lying, why they are hiding something from you?
or sharing something with you?

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” You’re either ahead of the game or playing catch-up. I would recommend HIM to anyone who is looking to understand people and be more strategic in their dealings with others, especially when they have people’s lives in their hands.

HIM provides one with the tools and capability to understand what the other person is thinking. This is crucial when strategizing for business projects as well as in one’s personal life. Being able to tell what the other person is feeling and thinking is a massive bonus and leverage in any social situation.’’
By Jean-Pierre Roux BSocSc hons; MPhil in Criminal Justice

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based on 

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Acquire the Skill-Set and Master the Skill-Craft

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